Ai Barbacani / Venezia

Calle Paradiso 5746 Venezia 30100
Opening Hours
Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 14:30
Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 22:00
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Tips from the Net @ Ai Barbacani
Luis Cuesta en
Very cozy atmosphere restaurant. The food is delicious and the house white wine (dry prosecco) is very refreshing. We had spaghetti with clams, gnochetti and monkfish, all very good. They treat you well from the beginning, a little wine as you sit down, some bread and tasty butter after you order, some sweet bread after you order dessert. Glad to have come here! GooglePlace - July 2017
J en
Incredibly average place with a very high high cover charge due to the amount of "free" alcoholic drinks that you receive, you still get charged even if you do not drink alcohol and reject the drinks. Food was OK at best, dessert clearly been in the fridge for too long. Fish had too many bones in it and the vegetables were not very fresh. The other dishes were far too salty and nothing special. Overall I struggle to understand why this place has a 4.7/5 review on google. The waiters were nice, but the people next to us received rude service which makes me question the consistency of the staff. The price for the meals were reasonable, but slightly leaning towards the high price tag (excluding the cover charge). Additionally the restaurant allowed a street hustler into the restaurant which placed some sort of item on my table while I was eating, that person did not come in to eat, but rather to disturb the patrons dining experience. I was shocked that the owner allowed this person into the restaurant. The person and their items were not very clean so I was worried about them going anywhere near my food due to health and hygiene concerns, however the manager/owner did not seem to mind at all. This was a severely distressing and concerning expereince that I hope nobody has to experience ever again. I do not recommend visiting this place and I strongly suggest you try elsewhere. GooglePlace - July 2017
Adam James Realty en
Service is terrible. Never around and the place is tiny. Too busy talking to each other. Foursquare - June 2017
Adam James Realty en
So overrated. Cute cozy room but food is something left to be desired. They don't believe in seasoning. Steak and veg tasted freezer burnt. Lamb was bland. Gnocchi was not bad. Skip this place. Foursquare - June 2017
Adam James Realty en
Caprese Salad was good. Foursquare - June 2017