Al Canton Dei Artisti / Venezia

Santa Croce 1005/A Campo Nazario Sauro Venezia 30135
+39 041 524 5297
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andre frei en
I ate a pizza. The pizza is worse than a ready-to-serve pizza! I cant recommend this restaurant even the location is fine. The service is poor too and its too expansive. GooglePlace - August 2017
Elizabeth Stutchbury en
Sorin, the waiter, was very enthusiastic about us having dinner at the restaurant. He was trying very hard to persuade us to choose the most expensive item on the menu. When we decided against this, he very quickly lost interest and basically ignored us for the rest of the evening. The meals that we chose were very good. GooglePlace - July 2017
Mike Hegedus en
We just arrived Venice from Florida. We find this restaurant and meet with Sorin. He is the best waiter and funny man. He make us feel so good. I can recommend this restaurant for every body Mike from Florida GooglePlace - June 2017
Casey Samborski en
This was definitely a good place to relax for a bit, grab a drink and eat some good food. Sorry was the waiter that helped us out. He was friendly, helpful and made us all laugh over and over. One of the best waiter/customer experiences I've had. GooglePlace - May 2017
TingFung Chan en
Maybe we were not in luck and got served by a different waiter, he kept pushing us to order wine (even I kept saying that my wife was not feeling well and was taking headache medicine - either the waiter did not understand English that well or he wasn't listening at all) and their specialty dish (fish). Although I should admit that the taste of the fish is decent, it is not that "special" for any widely traveled people , as you can easily find this kind of cooking in southeast Asia. The real issue is the portion was way too much for 2 people - when they claimed it would be for 2 people. Oh wait, the cost is determined by weight, so no wonder, and the end result was a 84-euro dish. The bottom line of this restaurant is that 1) you better prepare to drink when you enter, and 2) ask carefully for anything that the price isn't in black and white. GooglePlace - May 2017