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Cannaregio Venice 30121
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Osteria Al Mariner – More than meets the eye
Osteria Al Mariner – More than meets the eye The Golden Rule to finding a great restaurant goes something like this: IF the only customer is a lonely man who calls the bartenders by name, and looks at you like he despises you, ... continue Venice Spotted by Locals · Blog
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Matthias Bösl en
Very nice staff. Very good food. GooglePlace - February 2017
Tito Nunez en
The food here is SO GOOD. Maybe I'm just so hyped on the fact that I was in Europe and not the US, but still, the food was incredible. I wish I could wake up and eat their food every damn day of my life. I cannot wait to come back and dive headfirst into every dish they have. GooglePlace - September 2016
Sebastian Vetterlein en
Good food, quite reasonably priced. The waitress did forget about our second course (and then leave before we could ask her), but it was a nice evening and the food arrived hot so we didn't mind waiting. GooglePlace - July 2016
Vanya G en
Reeeaally slow. You better not be hungry when you order. Good, calm atmosphere though. Foursquare - March 2016
Tosh de Tosh en
My first negative review but sincerely feel the need to share my experience. I'll do my best to keep this short. Food is average. I'm not going to say terrible but certainly not anything memorable by any means. If this review was just about the food, it would get 2-3 stars. But it gets 1 star because of how rude the waitress / manager was and how far she went in ruining my last evening in Venice with my girlfriend over a mistake she clearly made. So... We asked if we could change a side dish (polenta) and the waitress (a different one) kindly agreed and suggested a side of vegetables in exchange. The side of vegetables turned out to be 6 small slices of pre-prepared grilled zucchinis. Not what we expected but that's beside the point. When the bill came , they had added an extra 5 euros for something we couldn't understand so we politely asked the waitress /manager. She gave us a dirty look and explained it was the vegetables. With a smile and calm voice I explained we had exchanged the polenta for the side of vegetables so we should not have to pay for that (in any event, who would pay 5 euros for 6 uninspiring slices of cold grilled zucchinis!). Instead of simply seeing there must have been a miscommunication, she raised her voice and insisted on the payment of those damn zucchinis. OUT OF PRINCIPAL, I stood my ground (mind you, I'm just trying to a nice evening with my girlfriend) and asked her gently to ask the waitress who took our order. She did, and soon realised she was in the wrong... BUT nonetheless made a big deal out of it and continued to practically shout at us. THEN she embarrassed us by saying "if you don't have money and 5 euros is too much, then don't pay". What a classy thing to say... .... Seriously? How is this acceptable behaviour towards a customer over 6 slices of zucchinis? She needs to take a course in business development. Anyway, this review was much longer than I intended but I wanted to state all the facts. We left in shock and in a foul mood. In short, a restaurant offering average food and unacceptable, if not border-line abusive, customer treatment. GooglePlace - January 2016