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Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a church in the sestiere of Cannaregio, in Venice, Italy. Also known as the "marble church", it is one of the best examples of the early Venetian Renaissance including colored marble, a false colonnade on the exterior walls (pilasters), and a semicircular pediment. The organisation "Save Venice" restored the church over a period of ten years, from 1987 to 1997 (they had estimated as period of two years). The marble cladding contained 14 percent of salts, and was on the point of bursting. All marble cladding was removed, and cleaned in stainless steel tanks, in a solution of distilled water. The restoration was calculated to cost 1 million dollars, the final cost was 4 million dollars. The main altar is reached by a series of steps. The circular facade windows recall Donato Bramante's churches in Milan.Built between 1481 and 1489 by Pietro Lombardo to house a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. The plans for the church were expanded in 1484 to include the construction of a new convent for nuns of St. Clare to the east. The convent was connected to the gallery of the church by an enclosed walkway that was later destroyed.The interior is enclosed by a wide barrel vault, with a single nave. The nave is dominated by an ornamental marble stair rising between two pulpits, with statues by Tullio Lombardo, Alessandro Vittoria and Niccolò di Pietro. The vaulted ceiling is divided into fifty coffers decorated with paintings of prophets, a work by Girolamo Pennacchi's contemporaries, Vincenzo dalle Destre and Lattanzio da Rimini.

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Scott Hopkins en
Spent 5 nights opposite this cafe with a clear view from the balcony of our apartment. What we both saw was deplorable. The apparent owner was rude to basically all of his customers. Very few locals drop in which tells the story. This morning was the pits .... this man early in the morning was setting up the so called cafe. In doing so he was replenishing the ice cream cabinet with a spoon and at the same time using his bare hands to pack it down and licking the spoon between scoops !! Absolutely disgusting ..... He used his bare hands setting up the pastries , turned out the garbage and went back to the food without washing them. It just goes on and on how disgusting this place is. Frozen microwaved food etc etc etc. Other so called fresh offerings seemed to have been sitting there for days. No way would I even get a sealed bottle of water from this place. Be warned and take heed of the previous reviews , it looks tempting but is revolting. GooglePlace - October 2017
Anna Deininger en
Worst food I ever had. Microwaved. Rude staff. Owner spit on my money and was screaming. GooglePlace - September 2017
sarah meier en
DONT GO THERE!! This food is so disgusting and the waiters are not nice at all.. dont support this bad disgusting place GooglePlace - September 2017
Bram Van Asschodt en
Nothing special, food was ok but frozen and microwaved. Terrace is nice and quiet. GooglePlace - September 2017
Joshua Salzwedel en
Waiter seemingly hates foreigners. We sat down around 5 pm. We asked the waiter a menu question in English. He threw up his hands, yelled something in Italian and walked away mumbling. The Italians at the next table laughed at us. Embarrassed we didn't get up and leave, although we should have. Prior to that happening, my wife and I were ignored for 10 minutes+... After embarrassing us he returns 10 minutes later with a rude "what do you want... Drinks?!" We ordered drinks and pointed to a salad on the menu and he almost yells "no more salad. It's done with salad" and walks off. the waiter brought us the drinks. I asked for different food and he made me come into the shop to get the order myself if I wanted it. Same thing when I paid. Had to leave the table. The table next to us tried to pay credit, and was told cash only. The guest asked why the menu didn't say cash only, and rude waiter rambled and pointed inside to where allegedly it says inside somewhere... I also did not know and was lucky to have euros on me. The unfortunate guest was berated that it "is not gratis" and given angry directions to the nearest ATM. Then the waiter disappeared inside, and I had to go inside to pay. To say the service was bad is an understatement. The service was degrading. Avoid this place if you travel to Venice. GooglePlace - May 2017