Bar Ai Miracoli / Venezia

Calle Larga Giacinto Gallina 6065 Venezia 30121
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Joshua Salzwedel en
Waiter seemingly hates foreigners. We sat down around 5 pm. We asked the waiter a menu question in English. He threw up his hands, yelled something in Italian and walked away mumbling. The Italians at the next table laughed at us. Embarrassed we didn't get up and leave, although we should have. Prior to that happening, my wife and I were ignored for 10 minutes+... After embarrassing us he returns 10 minutes later with a rude "what do you want... Drinks?!" We ordered drinks and pointed to a salad on the menu and he almost yells "no more salad. It's done with salad" and walks off. the waiter brought us the drinks. I asked for different food and he made me come into the shop to get the order myself if I wanted it. Same thing when I paid. Had to leave the table. The table next to us tried to pay credit, and was told cash only. The guest asked why the menu didn't say cash only, and rude waiter rambled and pointed inside to where allegedly it says inside somewhere... I also did not know and was lucky to have euros on me. The unfortunate guest was berated that it "is not gratis" and given angry directions to the nearest ATM. Then the waiter disappeared inside, and I had to go inside to pay. To say the service was bad is an understatement. The service was degrading. Avoid this place if you travel to Venice. GooglePlace - May 2017
Samantha Tucker en
The food was frozen and microwaved (and still cold in the middle), and service was terrible. GooglePlace - April 2017
Mats Schade en
The lasagna (8€) was microwaved and still frozen in the middle... the red wine (5€ per glass) had some unwanted particles in it and the glasses weren't all that clean. No atmosphere and poor service. GooglePlace - March 2017
Joël Duquenne en
The place is nice but it is stupidly expensive. GooglePlace - March 2017
Stefan Andrae en
We got cheated there as well in March 2016. A lovely place to sit and eat but on our bill we had 5 dishes altough we only had 4. Asked about the fifth dish - which we did not consume - the man behind the bar pretended not to understand. Watch out and check your bill carefully before you pay! GooglePlace - December 2016