Caffè Saraceno / Venezia

Riva del Vin Venezia 30100
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 14:00 - 20:00
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Tips from the Net @ Caffè Saraceno
Jeffrey R. Briney, DDS en
The rudist staff we have ever experienced. I wish they didn't force a tip on would have been the first time I didn't leave a tip in my life. GooglePlace - July 2017
Hiroe Guilfoile en
Terrible service. We went there with 2 hungry kids and wanted to feed them first and ordered a pizza. We planned to order more food later. However the waiter assumed that we would share only one pizza and he said he wouldn't take our order unless we order more food at once. We explained that we would order more food later but we wanted to feed kids as soon as possible. But he still didn't accept. We totally felt unwelcome by his attitude and decided to leave the restaurant without ordering anything ,which was actually a right decision because right after we left the restaurant, we found lots of good Pizzeria around that area at more reasonable price. Glad we didn't spend any money on 15-euro pizzas with terrible service there. GooglePlace - July 2017
David Friedman en
Well, the food was gross. Not sure how the seafood could taste worse than the seafood we eat from Chicago (which is saying a LOT). I wouldn't want to eat here for free, but ended up dropping about 70 for two people. The service and staff were not pleasant either. Just don't go. If you read any reviews, you would know to run away. Felt almost inclined to tell those just sitting down that this place was an awful choice. GooglePlace - June 2017
Alyssa Choo S Way en
If there was a 0 star option, I would pick that without hesitation. The waiters were so rude and the service was so slow. It took the waiter more than 15 mins to bring us our checks, and the worst part is that he brought the check to the family next to us within 5 mins and left us to wait after asking so many times. I am so disappointed. If you don't like to be disrespected, don't go to this restaurant. GooglePlace - June 2017
Kelvin Eagleton en
First off, the staff are nice until you receive drinks and food. After that they just want you gone so the table is available for other guests. It is all about turnover of tables. We received our drinks fast but food took ages to come out. We were disappointed in quality of food. Nice location. Quite expensive for what you get, wine very expensive. GooglePlace - March 2017