Do Forni / Venezia

Calle dei Specchieri, 457 Calle dei Segretari Venezia 30122
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Mean TacoHulk en
In fairness, we had already visited Florence and had the best meal in our lives at the Buca Mario. So this review may be a little jaded because they did not even come close to that experience. Wife wanted to eat here, apparently from reviews, so we ate here one evening right as they opened and were seated right away. We sat in the area right across from the cooking station and the fresh seafood station. Not the best location, noisy with the liters and cooks talking on the time, so no romance there. As far as the food goes, is was just a notch better that an excellent Italian restaurant back home. It was clear in the pasta that it was store bought and the amount of lobster was disappoint in the bowl, see photos. The lasagna was decent tasting, too much tomato in my opinion and overcooked. Same deal with the pasta, it tasted store bought. The Beef  with mushroom hunter sauce, too much gravy. The seafood plate had a very small portion of fish and too much sauce. We spent a good amount of money, over $150, for the meal. The service was also a little slow, maybe for us just opening. We do understand that it takes time to cook quality food, but once we were seated we felt no attention was given too us. Again, I think it was where we were seated. We would eat here again, but not before we try another restaurant there first. Thanks for reading. GooglePlace - January 2018
Bert Hucks en
After having been directed here by our concierge, I believe this is the place that tourists are sent to spend money so they can feel like they are having a special experience. It was anything but special. The food was average. The service was robotic and rushed. The price was ridiculous for the quality. I will say the wine list was extensive with some nice super-tuscans, of course they were overpriced as well. GooglePlace - November 2017
Imran Rauf en
If you want quality you have to pay for it. The food was great and so was the service. For this type of food and restaurant it is not over priced but perfectly commensurate. GooglePlace - October 2017
John Aves en
Food and service were superb. A lovely restaurant and well worth a visit. GooglePlace - October 2017
Amit Powar en
Great food and service. This is where the locals eat. It's an upscale restaurant, so be prepared to spend a little dough. However, I thinks it's worth every penny. GooglePlace - August 2017