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827 Calle Dei Fabbri Venezia 30124
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chloe uyen en
Went for lunch but found out the menu better for dinner but still we have amazing meal, salmon and red shrimp for start following by summer spaghetti and seared tuna, tiramisu for dessert and four glasses of wine, 138€ but totally worth it. Best meal in a while. Service was good and efficient. GooglePlace - July 2017
Jasmeen Boparai en
I'm absolutely thrilled that I had such a wonderful experience at this restaurant. I only went in for wine since I wasn't hungry and I had heard about their vast and amazing wine selection. My waiter was wonderfully patient and informative, and he helped me select the most delicious wines. On top of that, I was given a selection of small snacking foods with my wine without being charged! However, one of the best parts was that my waiter was respectful, and he made me feel incredibly welcome despite the fact that I was wearing a t shirt and shorts since I had been wandering about (everyone else was dressed up, from staff to customers). I tend to avoid higher end restaurants since I almost always feel like I don't belong, but I'm very happy this wasn't the case at Bistrot de Venise I've also been avoiding most restaurants in Venezia since the male waiters have a terrible habit of hitting on me to the point that it's awfully uncomfortable and pretty much harassment, and of course since this isn't Canada I don't think management would care if I complained. Anyway, my waiter at Bistrot de Venise was so polite, respectful, and most important, professional. Not once did I feel uncomfortable, and for that I am eternally grateful. This was the only restaurant in Venezia where I felt comfortable, and not like an object to be stared at. Although the menu is pricey (even drinks), it's well worth it to spoil yourself at least once while on vacation, and it's definitely worth it at this amazing restaurant. I highly recommend this place! GooglePlace - July 2017
Barry O'Brien en
One of the best restaurants I have ever dined at. Brilliant service and nice location near St Mark's. Menu was magnificent and the food was delicious. The waiter and Somelier provided great pairings with our food. Truly I cannot recommend it enough! GooglePlace - July 2017
Heather Pemberton en
My friend and I dined at this restaurant during our trip to Italy in the past few weeks. We are both working professionals. I am in my late 20s, he is in his late 30s. This is the first time I have traveled out of the country and so I was very excited to be able to go to Venice, Florence, and Rome. My experience at this restaurant was by far the worst experience I had in Italy. I did not know until I arrived that the waiters always ask you if you want still or sparkling water. Our waiter, Walter, asked us "Do you want water?" so I replied "Yes, please." thinking that it would be like in the U.S. where we would get tap water. Walter and I then stared at each other for a solid five seconds (he was waiting on the still vs. sparkling confirmation, I realized later) until I nodded and smiled, thinking he didn't hear me the first time. Apparently this was misinterpreted as patronizing because it triggered Walter and the reaction I got back in return was a sarcastic nod and smile, exaggerated shrug and eye roll as if he was saying "AND? (stupid American)". I looked at my friend in disbelief. After that, the experience at this restaurant went downhill. I asked for the tasting course and wine pairing to go with it. The menu gives you two options for a wine pairing- classic and a more expensive option. I was midway through my sentence asking for the classic pairing when Walter interrupted me to say "I am talking to the gentleman now." The group to our left was a group of Germans and Walter cracked jokes with them, smiled, was jovial, and even gave them two complimentary bottles of wine. We were mostly ignored and when he came to our table to explain the wines that were paired with our meal we got a cold explanation. I asked where the bathroom was and Walter gestured at the bathroom in a dismissive way. We both paid well over $120 each for this meal and I don't expect to be fawned over but I do expect general politeness and respect. One star for the worst service I have ever received at a restaurant. GooglePlace - July 2017
Bjarke K en
Yummy pizza. 🍕 Foursquare - June 2017