Harry's Bar / Venezia

Calle Vallaresso Venezia 30124
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:30 - 23:00
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Tips from the Net @ Harry's Bar
Benjamin Arthur Photography en
Unique place which we thought we needed to go to. My honest opinion? Don't bother. This place is living off past glories. Overpriced for sure. Bellini was pretty ordinary and @€21 we felt def. used and abused. If you like feeling used and abused you'll love Harry's Venice. If you are smart you will avoid!! GooglePlace - May 2017
Jim Mannoia en
Over rated but if you know the history of Hemingway and are willing to spend €21 for a bellini go for it! Bar decor is very plain.... And you can no longer have drinks upstairs where there is an actual view. That's for meals only now....more $$$$ to be made on food. So instead the tiny downstairs room 20x15 feet is jammed with tourists trying to be cool! GooglePlace - May 2017
Sue Read en
Ambience and totally unique. The snacks were delicious . The bellini beautiful. Just incredibly pricey! Very plain and small - don't expect to bowled over by the decor GooglePlace - April 2017
Robert McLeman en
Before going into Harry's Bar and dropping €50 on a couple drinks (which you will) or quite a bit more on dinner, first reflect on why you're doing so. If it's mostly because your guidebook tells you to do so, you'll be disappointed. If you're dressed like you just wandered in off a cruise ship, the staff may treat you accordingly. If you're a big Hemingway fan, you should do it once, despite the price. If you're someone who appreciates old school service once in a while and are happy to pay for it, you will like it. If you're of the jet set, you probably aren't reading Google reviews anyhow, and may already be there. For the record, my group of 3 went in today at 6 for late afternoon cocktails, which was a good time to go, we were seated right away at a good table in the bar. The service was excellent, the Bellinis were tasty, and yes, someone from a wealthy old family was sitting next to me. GooglePlace - April 2017
Nina Walencik en
This place is totally overrated. The prices are unreasonable, the service is not up to the expectation one could have with 25€ a drink. Further, the waiter who 'looked after us' took my chair, with me on it, and turned it round a quarter turn as he could not pass in between the tables, and this, moaning at me. A big disappointment. GooglePlace - April 2017