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Castello 5306 Venezia 30122
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Le rio del Santissimo di Santo Stefano est un canal de Venise dans le sestiere de San Marco.ToponymieLa chapelle du Santissimo de l'église Santo Stefano a été bâtie au-dessus du rio.DescriptionLe rio del Santissimo a une longueur de 275 mètres en sens nord-sud.Il trouve son origine dans le rio de Sant'Anzolo en face du campo éponyme. Il passe d'abord sous un passage de l'ancien couvent de Santo Stefano, puis sous l'abside de l'église Santo Stefano avant de rencontrer le ponte San Maurizio à hauteur de la Scuola dei Albanesi. Ce pont relie la calle del Spezier (à l'ouest) avec la calle del Piovan menant au campo San Maurizio (à l'est), dont le rio longe les arrières de bâtiments, tels que les palais Bellavite Baffo et Molin.Sur la rive ouest, le rio longe les arrières des palais Morosini Gatterburg et Pisani (conservatoire), tandis que sur la rive est il longe le palais Da Ponte.Finalement, le rio se jette dans le Grand Canal entre le petit palais Pisani (à l'ouest) et la Casa Succi (à l'est).

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Steven Judson en
Accidentally dined here, and really enjoyed it! Had the Tagliolinie Lobster, Spaghetti Bolognese and Veal with Roast Potatoes. Couldn't fault the service, efficient and friendly, and our waiter even chased us down the street to deliver a bag to us that we had left on the chair. Fantastic for early evening dining and much more enjoyable than the 4* hotel restaurant we dined in the previous night. If you enjoy your food and you are comfortable in unfussy surroundings then I can recommend paying Da Stefano a visit. I would however encourage the bar staff to carbonate the cola (it seemed not to be Coke). GooglePlace - November 2017
Lorenzo Rivaroli en
With the fork discount is a good place to grab something to eat GooglePlace - October 2017
Pierre Martel en
Loved the carbonara and margarita pizza. Even if the pasta were a little salty for my taste, I've seen much worse in other part of Italy. Prices were honest, and greatly located. GooglePlace - October 2017
Brian Smith en
The only person working hard was the guy at the door. He convinced us to come inside instead of going to the well known pasta place down the street. Sitting inside and watching him work his craft, reeling others in, was the highlight of my time there. The food was terrible. Very salty; something you'd maybe expect out of a boxed dinner... if you cooked it half asleep. All three of us took a few bites of our meal and decided to write the rest off. The waiter promptly took our plates when we asked for our check, then spent the next 15 minutes waiting other tables or standing near the front looking around. We ended up walking up to the register and asking for the check a second time. I'm never going back, which, from the other reviews, I'm guessing is the norm for this place. The upside to not eating much of our meals was we still had plenty of space left for delicious pasta from a well known to-go place nearby :) GooglePlace - September 2017
Camille Rey en
Terrible restaurant. I had truffle pasta that was just oily and salty, did not taste like truffle at all, ordered a Coca Cola that came in a pint glass and was completely flat, didn't even drink it. As many before us we meant to go to the good take away pasta restaurant down the corner and were fooled into thinking we were in the right place ! AVOID THIS RESTAURANT And my friends margherita was tiny GooglePlace - September 2017