Ristrante Da Stefano / Venezia

Castello 5306 Venezia 30122
Opening Hours
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 23:30
average 498 votes
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Michele Castro es
Se come a buen precio y la porción es abundante pero a mí gusto podrían haberle puesto más salsa a los fideos. Foursquare - July 2017
Elle See en
Horrible, horrible staff at this place, avoid like the plague!! We were in the area and my young son needed a restroom badly. This place was COMPLETELY empty and I could see a restroom from the front window, so in desperation I asked if he could quickly use theirs. They told me he could, as long as I purchased a drink. I hurriedly said yes and rushed him into the bathroom, and then while he was in there realized I had left my wallet with my husband who was just outside. I happened to have a one euro coin in my pocket and so offered to pay them that for the bathroom use and not take a drink (minimum 2 euros). The staff became extremely aggressive with me; one of them blocked the door while the other leaned right into my face and started shouting that this was Italy, you don't just use bathrooms in Italy without paying! So I told them, my husband is just outside, let me go grab some money so I can pay you for a drink. The one standing in the doorway refused to move, and told me I needed to leave my son hostage with them until I came back with a frigging one euro coin! In the end, I had to send my son out by himself to find my husband in the street so he could bring back a coin, because there was no way I was leaving him alone with these animals. I've never been so shocked and appalled by a business establishment in my life. There is little wonder they have absolutely no business. Avoid, avoid, avoid!! Seriously, if you're hungry, take ten steps around the corner and you'll be in foodie paradise at the take-out pasta place. GooglePlace - June 2017
Atalmeow Laurent en
Nice place close to the plaza San Mark's, you can choose to take out or eat inside, but after all the walking is better to take a sit! It's a fresh place and the pasta was delicious GooglePlace - June 2017
Lisa R en
Rude and disgusting. Stealing customers from the awesome restaurant next door. We fell for it. Bought some pasta, mine had a bug in it, went back to ask for a refund for both which were untouched. They refused, poking at the food, saying the thing with legs was a mushroom. We were told to file a police report. Do not go here. Walk a few more steps. GooglePlace - May 2017
Didem Gurdur en
We ordered two vegetarian take away fresh pasta. When we open the box one of them was having meat. We called them to bring it back and take our money, they asked us to wait for 4 hours and talk with the owner. The other pasta was below italian standards anyway. We should have understand that they are not trustworthy since they try to take customers of the place next door. Don't go to this place. GooglePlace - April 2017