Ristrante Da Stefano / Venezia

Castello 5306 Venezia 30122
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 23:30

Le rio del Santissimo di Santo Stefano est un canal de Venise dans le sestiere de San Marco.ToponymieLa chapelle du Santissimo de l'église Santo Stefano a été bâtie au-dessus du rio.DescriptionLe rio del Santissimo a une longueur de 275 mètres en sens nord-sud.Il trouve son origine dans le rio de Sant'Anzolo en face du campo éponyme. Il passe d'abord sous un passage de l'ancien couvent de Santo Stefano, puis sous l'abside de l'église Santo Stefano avant de rencontrer le ponte San Maurizio à hauteur de la Scuola dei Albanesi. Ce pont relie la calle del Spezier (à l'ouest) avec la calle del Piovan menant au campo San Maurizio (à l'est), dont le rio longe les arrières de bâtiments, tels que les palais Bellavite Baffo et Molin.Sur la rive ouest, le rio longe les arrières des palais Morosini Gatterburg et Pisani (conservatoire), tandis que sur la rive est il longe le palais Da Ponte.Finalement, le rio se jette dans le Grand Canal entre le petit palais Pisani (à l'ouest) et la Casa Succi (à l'est).

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Michael S en
Very rude personnel. Restaurant is all smelly inside, after we decided to leave and not to eat there, hostess was saying sarcastically that if their place is too expensive for us, there's a Mcdonalds just around the corner. GooglePlace - September 2017
Isabelle Tsan en
Since they had to make 2 demarcations for a single restaurant I'll copy my comment here too. Utter cheaters and don't deserve to be in the food business. Ushered unsuspecting customers to go in and order "fresh" pasta to go. Pasta was stale and bland, and they are a total ripoff from the restaurant down the street. Walk on! GooglePlace - August 2017
Rohin Chander en
Horrible place. Owner is simply rude and will yell at just about anyone. He even threatened to physically fight me. Avoid this place at all costs. There is an amazing take-away place just a few steps further. Just go there instead GooglePlace - August 2017
Michele Castro es
Se come a buen precio y la porción es abundante pero a mí gusto podrían haberle puesto más salsa a los fideos. Foursquare - July 2017
Lisa R en
Rude and disgusting. Stealing customers from the awesome restaurant next door. We fell for it. Bought some pasta, mine had a bug in it, went back to ask for a refund for both which were untouched. They refused, poking at the food, saying the thing with legs was a mushroom. We were told to file a police report. Do not go here. Walk a few more steps. GooglePlace - May 2017