Taverna Da Baffo / Venezia

San Polo 2346, Ramo Sant'Agostin Venezia 30125
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 23:00

GIORGIO BAFFO Autore di un corpus di oltre 1200 poesie in veneziano. Pur essendo autore di un numero non esiguo di opere contro la corruzione della sua città, soprattutto del clero, e su temi filosofici, Baffo resta noto soprattutto per i suoi componimenti licenziosi. Molto criticato dai sui contemporanei proprio per le sue opere venne invece rivalutato ed apprezzato a partire dalla metà del novecento. Guillaume Apollinaire, lo tradusse in francese e lo defì: « …il più grande poeta erotico mai esistito, e al contempo, uno dei massimi poeti lirici.» Noi l’abbiamo scelto come emblema del nostro ristorante perchè vogliamo, come il Baffo, essere sinceri, controtendenza e liberi: vogliamo proporvi una cucina fatta di tradizione veraci e sapori forti della nostra terra. Vogliamo che ne siate pienamente soddisfatti e abbiate voglia di tornarci a trovare.

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Sean Michael Yip en
Pasta was to die for. Absolutely delicious, springy, fresh texture to the pasta. The sauce was simple and flavourful. Service is decent over here. Good view if you choose to be seated outdoors. GooglePlace - September 2017
Darshana Gangani en
I would have liked to have given a better rating as the food and service was excellent. However we were there the following day waiting for our water taxi and they would not let us sit at the table considering we had spent a lot of money the previous day. The restaurant wasn't even full as they hadn't even fully opened for lunch. They wouldn't let me take my 2 year old niece to the restroom but I insisted. The gentleman that runs the restaurant is a saint but he wasn't there. However I can't say the same for his grandmother she is set on making life difficult for everyone including the staff. We even suggested that we would order some drinks but the answer was NO. GooglePlace - September 2017
Rob Llewellyn en
Great place, off the beaten track. We ate as a family with younger kids and everyone was happy. Price was less than usual Venice spots, closer to the GC. It is quiet, next to a canal and has amazing pizza base! This is a good spot. Will hunt it out next time. GooglePlace - August 2017
Θ Τζίμας en
Nice, quiet place away from crowds. The food was nice, especially pasta. I would admire some more polite and smily service. Generally not expensive but not cheap as well. They denied payment by card and of course no receipt, which is so common in Venice. GooglePlace - August 2017
Dean Chapman en
After reading all the great reviews, we walked a fair distance to this restaurant. What a shame. after being in Italy for two weeks, this was the worst food we have had. I had black tagliatelle with scallops and pistachios, but the scallops had traces of sand and there was no hint of pistachio. Sadly the whole dish was overcooked and the sauce had seperated slightly. My girlfriend had gnocchi with four cheese sauce and walnut... No walnuts and a chunk of uncooked blue cheese. We noticed three other tables also questioning there orders, even down to the waiter bringing a different bottle of wine, because he thought it was a better choice than the one they specifically asked for. Perhaps they have new staff, but this certainly was not worthy of the good reviews. GooglePlace - July 2017