Tian Jin / Venezia

San Polo 649 Venezia 30125
+39 041 520 4603
average 252 votes
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Daniela Tu Chou en
Great Chinese food! My husband and I ordered over 5 dishes and all of them were very tasteful! Just beware that all Chinese restaurant in Italy serve small and individual portion. Foursquare - April 2017
valent M en
I was very disappointed eating at the chinese restaurant in Tian Jin. Because the dishes taste bad, portions are very small, the price is very expensive when compared to the other chinese restaurant that is more elite. I do not see the previous comments about this restaurant. It turns out all the bad comments are true. Tian Jin should soon notice all the bad comment. GooglePlace - January 2017
Jack Bauer en
nice place to eat something:- Foursquare - October 2016
Octavio Aguilar en
The food was good but the portions not that big plus the lady cherged me 2 Euros for the table. That is something she did not say when I came in. But in the end she was nice. Just be careful cuz I thought Id pay 10 Euros and ended up paying 16. :/ other than that it is ok. GooglePlace - September 2016
estehanio e en
For the love of GOD, do not go to this place, I could have guessed by the emptiness that something was wrong. Two portions, duck and beef, totally no taste. 2 bowls of white rice 4 eur. Dirty cutlery, service a young boy that has no idea what's he's doing, full of mosquitoes. Literally after I left there I wanted to go somewhere and throw up to feel better. Chef went to bathroom, came out and didn't even bother to wash his hands. Jesus, Allah, Buddha help me to forget this experience! DO NOT GO HERE! Take 30 eur, and throw it into the river and you will feel more happy!!!! Last three months spent traveling around Europe, and trust me this is the WORST PLACE EVER in my WHOLE life! GooglePlace - September 2016