Trattoria Pizzeria Da Gioia / Venezia

Calle dei Fabbri 1016 Venezia 30124
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Denise Tyson en
We were lured into this restaurant by the white haired man standing at the door who appeared to be nice, my husband was not feeling well so we decided share a meal which consisted of flounder, salad, water. A ONE PERSON MEAL costed 136.85 euros. RIP OFF! The food was bland and definitely not worth it. The man told us before we sat down, if we weren't satisfied that we didn't have to pay and then when we got the check and questioned him, he said that was the price. My husband wouldn't let me say anything. The owner will reap what he has sown. That's God's word. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy To be ripped off. They target tourists. Beware! It's a tourist trap. GooglePlace - March 2018
Michelle Wang en
The worst restaurant I ever visited .2.5 Euro surcharge per person +15% service fee for the restaurant did nothing for you.If you don’t mind be ripped off ,you can try it,Otherwise.don’t even talk to the guy standing out.Food was bad,nothing special. GooglePlace - February 2018
Nicole Benford en
Great food and amazing service. They even threw in a free glass of fizz. GooglePlace - February 2018
Byung Lee en
Very expensive. Cover charge is 2.5 Euro per person and still water is 5 Euro. Salad was so bad. It seems to have been frozen. Sea food was not good either. GooglePlace - October 2017
Yuri Sazonoff en
"Rip of Tourists" locale. In particular stay away from any sea food... Among other things we ordered lobster for my wife and her mom. Mom never tried lobster before and really wanted to. The cost of the dish was about 60-70 Euros... Close to hundred bucks in other words. As you can see from the picture they served us something that is more of resemblances to oversized shrimp then real lobster. Friend told me later that they serve unprepared clueless tourists "Langostino" or small lobster. I had 10 euros Schnitzel and total bill was over 150 Euros..... Early in the day we took quick takeout from them because they were in the same building where we stayed and weather was really bad to go somewhere else. Both pizza's and lasagna were not that great as well.... Hope it helps. Oh, and place on opposite side of the street, well the same old story. Don't get scummed into sea food there period! It's insanely pricey as it is, and then they cheat. GooglePlace - September 2017