Trattoria Storica / Cannaregio, Venezia

Salizada Seriman 4858 Cannaregio, Venezia 30100
+39 041 528 5266
Opening Hours
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 14:30
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 22:30
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André Lencastre en
This was the first spot I had dinner at in Venice. It was kind of a disappointment as I've had better elsewhere for the price paid. GooglePlace - July 2017
Gregory Jackson en
I don't leave restaurant reviews and I don't have any interest in going out of my way to hurt someone's business, but my negative experience at this restaurant put a damper on my first day in Venice. If you are Italian, you may be well served here. If you are foreign and don't speak Italian, forget it. The waitstaff was demonstrably rude to me and my girlfriend, begrudgingly seating and serving us, and attending to the Italians at the tables on either side of us several times before asking if there was anything - bread, water, a beverage - we wanted. It was extremely hot out, and we had just arrived from Berlin. We chose this place only because it was down the block from our hotel and the reception desk had recommended it. The food was mediocre, poor even by Italian standards, but that would not have motivated me to write a review. The point was the rudeness bordering on contempt. Both Italian tables next to us got carafes of complimentary sparkling water, and when we asked for the same, we were told that the only sparkling water the restaurant had came in a bottle you had to pay for. This was quite obviously just the same sparkling water put into a reusable glass bottle with the name of the restaurant on it. We befriended one of the Italian tables next to us, who confirmed that they had received sparkling water without asking; when we asked them about the place, they said it was their first time there. Later, when I complained to the head waiter, he told me they were loyal customers and had been coming in day after day for months, hence the complimentary water. He also made up something about the Italians on the other side of us being workers or paying with a workers' card, as justification for their free perks. Anyway, the 3 euros was not a big deal, but the disrespect and unpleasantness lingered. I've rarely encountered people so willing to lie to my face and keep shifting the lie when caught in one. Perhaps for great - even just good - food I would have endured it, but I cannot see anything to recommend this place. GooglePlace - July 2017
Jason Hosler en
Great seafood options, classic Venice street dining atmosphere and very attentive staff. I think my wife would call it, "cute." GooglePlace - June 2017
Lidia Bojczuk en
Great Italian food. Busy with locals. Helpful staff. 👍 GooglePlace - February 2017
Skyler Walrath en
I am not the type of person who leaves reviews, but after my experience I felt it was a must. I am a very calm and relaxed person, plus I'm a server back home, so I am the definition of understanding. The service here was terrible and the food was nowhere near quality enough to warrant the price. I was waited on by a younger man and an older man, both of whom ignored me the entire time because I was dining alone. I asked for suggestions which were not given and I was incorrectly told the price of the wine they brought me (or they overcharged me at the end). I was just ready to leave by the time they finally brought me my bill, but maintained a pleasant facade. I even left a tip (not required, but being in the industry I feel obligated) and on my way out the door the older of the two servers had the audacity to make a face at me as I was leaving(which I only caught because I happened to turn around for a second). I was very tempted to go take my tip back but had already left the building and only hoped it would someday help my karma along the way. GooglePlace - November 2016