Osteria Del Bugiardo / Verona

Corso Porta Borsari 17 Verona 37121
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 00:00
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 01:00

Tra migliori Osterie d’Italia, l’Osteria del Bugiardo ha una storia molto particolare. Una decina d’anni fa, Alfredo Buglioni, affermato imprenditore del settore tessile, titolare di negozi di abbigliamento in mezz’Italia, ha comprato campagna in Valpolicella e la seduzione del vigneto ha preso il sopravvento. Realizzata la nuova cantina, ecco che si è deciso a fare un altro passo: aprire nel centro di Verona un’osteria di impronta tradizionale per promuovere la cultura del vino. Un successo immediato, soprattutto fra i giovani, che hanno preso ad affollare il piccolo locale. Il nome, Osteria del Bugiardo, viene dall’etichetta del Valpolicella Ripasso dell’azienda, ma al bancone sono in mescita anche molti altri vini. Il goto si accompagna con salumi, formaggi, un primo piatto, oppure le polente: con lardo, formaggio verde, soppressa o aringa.

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Tips from the Net @ Osteria Del Bugiardo
Daniele Germano en
Really bad customer service. Family and friend had a special service and served their dinner in less of 10/15 minute, general customer can waiting 30/45. Food is good but no excellent GooglePlace - December 2017
Cathy Withall en
Really nice atmosphere. Good quality wines and nibbles. GooglePlace - December 2017
Alex Haas en
We always enjoyed a bit of bar-hopping in Italy, enjoying some Cicchetti with a bit of wine or Vino Spumante / Prosecco. In old-town Verona this is not easy to find, it's just more tourist-oriented. But luckily there is this fantastic place. Quite small with a bunch of tables inside and some space to stand outside in front of their two windows (looking straight at the customers inside, which is quite funny). Since we had our dog with, we stayed outside and enjoyed their food and wine. The Cicchetti are very nice-looking. Some with Speck, some with cured ham, veggie options etc. Not every item is a hit, but still a good snack. They also have some nice cheese here, you should try some. One of them is really good, with chili. But not a great pairing with wine though, go for Prosecco then. The real highlight are the Vino Spumante / Proseccos and wine though. The Vino Spumante Brut Rosé is not only looking good with it's light pink color, it tastes great as well. Not overly sour and with some nice citrus / peach flavours. Better than the Brut Bianco they serve. The red "Il Bugiardo" Ripasso from the Valpolicella is a great wine. Dark red, balanced tannins, light wooden flavours from the barrels and a dark fruit flavour on your palate. Great choice. But let's save the best for last: You MUST try their amazing Amarone (Il Lussurioso). One of the best Amarones we came across yet. And we've had our share of wines. An explosion of flavours. Deep dark red, cherry and plum flavours, tannins oh so smooth and balanced. A wine to enjoy best after or without food. Costs 10 Euros a glass, 60 a bottle (or 40 if you carry-out). We purchased a bottle for 40 Euros to enjoy that night at home. Put it in a decanter and let it breathe for a while. A great great bottle of wine from their own vineyards. And for 40 Euros it really is a steal! We enjoyed Verona, but this place here really made it worth the visit. Highly recommended! GooglePlace - November 2017
Guillaume Moulinet en
Little tapas are excellent! Perfect for a short stop on the way to center. Prices are also very attractive and staff really friendly. Would recommend! GooglePlace - September 2017
Alberto Gallo en
Great Italian food with an original creative twist. Service is very friendly but at the same time careful and very knowledgeable on wines. Definitely recommended. GooglePlace - August 2017