Bettel Alm Lugeck / Wien

Sonnenfelsgasse 2 Wien 1010
Opening Hours
Thu, Fri, Sat 21:00 - 00:40

Durch die Top Lage zählt die Bettel-Alm am Lugeck zur urigsten Ski Hütten mitten in Wien und ist der In-Treff bei Jung und Alt. Wir begeistern unsere Gäste durch unser einzigartiges Ambiente. Hier findet ihr alles, was für ausgelassene Stimmung sorgt. Wöchentliche Aktionen und cooler Sound sorgen für eine volle Hütten. Egal ob Geburtstagsfest, Polterabende, Wochenteilung, oder einfach nur so - es gibt immer einen Grund zum Vorbeischauen und Feiern. Diese Stimmung steckt einfach jeden an! Tischreservierungen unter: oder +43 (0) 664 8836 17 11

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Tips from the Net @ Bettel-Alm Lugeck
Alfredo Pascual en
The place is terrible. You need to be 30+, bad looking and have a horrible music taste in order to feel comfortable there. I gave it two stars instead of only one because I can't say I didn't have some fun in such a weird place. GooglePlace - August 2016
Hrvoje Fadiga en
Not the worst place, not the best place. A bit overcrowded, sometimes even with waiting time. GooglePlace - December 2015
Vincenzo Raspatelli en
Cool disco club in the center of vienna. The place where you will always find someone to talk with GooglePlace - December 2015
Martin Slancik en
Alpen Hutte style resturant. Tradional Wiener schnitzel was nice and potato salat was excelent. I would go there again. GooglePlace - February 2015
Mikey Acuba en
These duckheads!!! We speak english are are american. They, i guess, can tell very easily and would not let us into the bar. i had to wait for a few people to walk in front while the bouncer used the language barrier as a bullsit excuse. after a few more people i said "wait guy what the funk? can i go in now or what??" the bouncer replied in english "fine go go" after going into, which i'll admit is a cool bar, they played the most shite music ever. #1 song everybody loves YCMA. played multiple times and no other music was much better then YMCA. im from Redlands, CA and was on vacation. i'll tell u this everybody from around the world is the same. European people are not more civil, they are not smarter and over there is not different from over here. you'll get just as lost in LA in chinatown as u will in Vienna looking for better wifi. p.s wifi in eu sucks lol GooglePlace - November 2014