Colombo Hoppers / Wien

Schönbrunner Strasse 84 Wien 1050
+43 1 5454308
Opening Hours
Sun 11:30 - 14:30
Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 22:30
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 12:00 - 14:30
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friedrich niklas en
good service and food,but way overpriced GooglePlace - May 2017
Jesal Trivedi en
My family wanted to spend New Years Eve in Vienna this year. We were recommended this restaurant by some patrons who visited the place previously. When we called earlier in the day, we were told that we would have to be there from 7:45-8:00p and get out of there by 9pm as they had that table booked for people at 9p-- understandable for New Years Eve. We arrived at 8:10 as we got stuck in some holiday traffic on the way over and when we arrived we were willing for us to sit and eat until 9:15p, but insisted that we had to leave at that time for their other, and what they said "more important" reservations. In the buffet style of food that prepared for the evening, which they charged us €30 per person plus drinks, they did not continue to refill the food, missing a few important pieces of a Sri Lankan dinner including Naan. We asked for naan 4-6 times over the course of 30 minutes which continually they failed to provide, constantly pushing us to finish our food and leave so they could have the table for their "more important" reservation. If you are a business in the service industry and you agree to let your customers sit and eat food, it's their responsibility to provide all the food in the time they have allotted to you, especially given our significant time constraint. Telling the manager this, he got in our our faces and threatened us and called us obscene names and told us to just eat what they provided and leave. What kind of service is that?! They would not acknowledge any of our concerns, no matter how calmly we tried to present then and told us some bs and threatened to call the cops to settle the bill dispute with them. then he started waving in hands in our faces demeaning and insulting us and even threatened to take it "outside" as if he wanted to deal with it violently. They forced us to sign the bill and leave. We did not have a good time here at all, and as a traveler who has visited many many countries, this is THE WORST EXPERIENCE I have even faced. Never go here. All they care about is profit, not service. They shouldn't be in business. AT ALL. GooglePlace - January 2017
Ronnie Shorto en
We had lovely food at this place and great service. I would say that the food was reasonable priced. GooglePlace - September 2016
Molotov Cupcake de
Am Sonntag zu Mittag konnte man nur etwas vom (schlecht bestückten und überteuertem) Buffet nehmen. Nichts von der Karte. Langsames Service. Foursquare - February 2016
Christoph Waldhauser en
Rather expensive but absolutely delicious food in a nice atmosphere. Servings are rather small so be sure to order one of the recommended side orders as well. GooglePlace - July 2015