Da Ferdinando / Wien

Hietzinger Hauptstraße 26 Wien 1130
+43 1 8778036
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 23:00
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Vlase Radu en
It was one of the worst eating experience in Vienna. You are getting used that in Vienna customer service in restaurants is not on it's best, but you get used to it. Nevertheless, this one was totally different. I work in the area where this restaurant is located, and I like to have a good meal at noon. One day, 3rd of August 2017, together with my colleague we decided to choose this restaurant for our lunch. We ordered the daily menu. That particular day, the daily menu was a soup (zucchini cream soup) and spaghetti with shrimps. First of all, the restaurant was fairly empty, only a few customers. But still, we had to wait too long, and when you are in a lunch break you don't have so much time to spend eating. After the first bad experience, another one came along. The bus boy puts in front of us 2 plates with salad. We were like: "what is this? we ordered lunch menu and we expected soup!". The poor guy went to ask the waiter, who most of the time was out of the picture, because he was more interested in smoking than working. He came back and said that they had a problem with the distributor and the kitchen wasn't able to make the soup. We understood the situation, but we started to get upset because when we ordered the waiter didn't mention absolutely anything to us. Let me point out that I do not eat salad, I don't like the taste of it and I do not consider myself a rabbit. So for me, it was very disturbing to get a salad plate instead of a bowl of soup. Now it comes the next experience. Finally, after a long waiting time, second meal is delivered: spaghetti with shrimps. Sounds yummy, but it wasn't. I don't know who is the chef there, but I have never seen in my entire life such bad shrimps. If you eat see food, you know that shrimps need to be cleaned up. You can't just put them in food without cleaning them first. Well, not at this restaurant. They were so dirty, that you couldn't eat them. We had to leave most of the food in the plates. For the check, we had to wait again some more, because the waiter was still in his smoking break. Bottom line: there so many good italian restaurants in Vienna, but not this one. GooglePlace - September 2017
Zsuzsanna Gömöreiné Árva en
As a tourist in Viena we were there to have some italian food with our friends. Pizzas, pastas were delicious, the staff was very kind. It was our first time there but I'm sure next time we come again. We've never ate before such an excellent italian food in Viena. GooglePlace - August 2017
Cris Books en
Very slow and they made a mistake that made us wait about 20 minutes, the staff is friendly but the food is tasteless ( at least the pizza 4 Fromagi, risoto di mari and carbonara) GooglePlace - August 2017
Felix Schmutz en
This restaurant should be renamed. Me and my friends jokingly call this one "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". Like with the movie of that name going here can be very entertaining... if you come with the right expectations The Good * They have good pizzas that are different from what you will get as the standard pizza in Vienna. * Additionally I find that their terrace (and winter garden) is the nicest not-high-price one around. The Bad * Only go here if you have some time on your hands: The waiting times are a gamble. Several times that I ordered I waited for a looooong time. At other times they were super fast. At one time I got my pizza before I had my drink. At least its not as bad as in the first months after they opened... * You might get ignored by the waiters for quite some time. The Ugly * The waiters can be really arrogant * If you are so unlucky to have a long waiting time, I have seen some quite cocky answers to the tourists on the neighboring tables who said they need to get their food soon because they have a schedule. * Once I met a friend here with her newborn child. She had Training Clothes / sportswear on (because at that time she really didnt have anything that fit her body so soon after she gave birth). A waiter put himself in front of her and seemed like he wanted to start to argue. Then she waved at us and we shouted to her to come over what triggered him to stop. * Restaurant was mostly empty but I still wasnt allowed to choose my table... which I find unusual for a non-high-price place in Vienna especially when it's not full. So do I recommend it? Well... If I really want pizza AND have time on my hands, then I still go here. GooglePlace - July 2017
janet hardy en
Staff were friendly enough although we were not seated in the best of places. The food was good but our shock was when we asked for the bill. No paper bill was produced but we were asked for 110 Euros, cash only accepted! Was this beacause we were English or a tax scam. So check first if you intend to use your card for payment........ Janet, England. GooglePlace - June 2017