Goldene Zeiten / Wien

Dr Karl Lueger Platz 5 Wien 1010
+43 1 5134747
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 15:00
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 17:30 - 23:30
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Wolfgang Busch en
We went there based on the very good rating of this restaurant in the falter, a local newspaper. After being there, I am puzzled as to why this restaurant could ever be recommended. It is massively overpriced and the personal is really unfriendly (after some questions regarding the dishes, the lady got really upset). My main dish was o.k. but apart from the quality of the meat not better than any cheap Chinese restaurants, the main dish of my wife (a wok noodle dish) was really bad as it was burnt and the vegetables were not fresh. For 25% of the price, she could have gotten better noodles from a street noodle place. Moreover, the place was dirty: The table cloth was stained, there were hairs on the tablecloth, and even one hair in my wife's dish; one of the glasses on the table had traces of lip gloss. GooglePlace - October 2016
Nicolette Wang en
This is so NOT a nice Chinese restaurant. Especially is Not for well traveled Chinese. It's recommended by a foreigner hotel guy while we live at Park Hyatt Vienna. Food was just so so, but presented well in tiny plate. Ridiculously EXPENSIVE, unfriendly. I'll difinetly do NOT come back. I difinetly do NOT recommend this resturant. No idea why did they charge cover-fee and tea at euro7.9 for each person. No wonder It was almost an empty place when we got there. We've been charged Euro204 for a regular dinner for 4. GooglePlace - October 2015
Natasha Mittal Saraf en
Amazing food, extremely hospitable... Possibly the most delicious Shanghai Chinese I will ever have GooglePlace - August 2015
Schnee Eule en
Perfect place to give a LOT of your money to people that do not deserve it. First of all, the person claiming that this restaraunt has good prices must be insane. 34€ for a medicore two-person sidedish is not reasonable. About 15€ for tofu with vegetables is also insane. There was nothing special about it. Yes is was at least without glutamat, but no special roots or shrooms, anything. A boring tiny portion. Also we broke a glass by mistake and nobody wanted to clean our table... I had to ask that they would be so kind to remove the shards. And yes, the owner is a little bit arrogant, but I had worse. And paying took forever. For the money two of my friends spend there, I could make a gigantic exotic buffet for my whole family. I earn enough money to go there, but why would I through my money out of the window. I just don*t understand that. GooglePlace - November 2014
Дмитрий Бахвалов ru
Вообще не советую сюда ходить. Хоть кухня вкусная, но обслуживание даже не оставляет желать лучшего. Foursquare - September 2014