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Gumpendorferstraße 97 Wien 1060
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Sun 12:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:30 - 15:00
Fri, Sat 11:30 - 22:30

Herzlich willkommen im Le Pho! Wir freuen uns, Dir den unverwechselbaren Charakter der vietnamesischen Küche näherbringen zu dürfen. Sie zählt zu den vielfältigsten und gesündesten der Welt. Einflüsse aus China, Indien, Japan und Frankreich prägen unsere Speisen. Unternimm mit uns eine kulinarische Reise an einen Ort, an dem Essen Lebensfreude und Genuss bedeutet! Bon appétit!

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Kinga Nagy en
Worst Pho we have ever had.... the place seems nice, but their pho was not tasteful at all!!! So much noodles in a plate, it was like noodle and water. Not much meat was presented... and again, the soup itself even if we packed it with all the old soft herbs had no real taste as it should...... We ordered M size but they charged XL on the bill.... GooglePlace - January 2018
Mona Masslos en
Never been more humiliated as a guest I was a regular customer until recently. My latest dinner, however, turned out to be a nightmare. This used to be one of my favorite places to get affordable Vietnamese food. And since their interior design makeover it even became bearable to sit there. When I went there recently it was somewhat crowded and we were happy to be able to still get a seat. As I am allergic to soy, we ordered all our dishes without the soy sprouts. We wrote it on the order and also told the waitress. However, once the food arrived we were baffled to find soy sprouts in all of our dishes. It was ok for the starter and one soup since they were on the side. But for one of the main dishes the soy sprouts were also mixed in with the noodles. When we told the older waitress, she reacted annoyed and told us that they were “only on the side”, when I had just picked out ten soy sprouts that were cooked with and mixed in with the noodles. Upon pointing that out she took the plate back in a very angry manner and came back after a while. It was the same plate minus the soy sprouts on the side. She impatiently repeated that there were no soy sprouts in the dish. However, there obviously were more which I continued to pick out and put on the side. We could not believe what had just happened. I wasn’t even able to eat my dish and felt helpless. When we told another (younger) waitress, what had happened and that I was allergic to soy, she started screaming at us. She insisted that there were no soy sprouts in the food. She then went on to yell at us that she could not do anything since she was not the one who took the order. Then she took off. And we were left confused. When we stopped another waitress, the one who took the order, she took the plate back, without saying anything. A little later, I finally got a new dish, which however appeared to be another dish. Instead of chicken and shrimp, there was only chicken. In addition, it was the same younger waitress who had screamed at us earlier who brought us the plate. She merely stood there with the plate uttering a sarcastic “uh sorry?!” like it was our responsibility to serve the food. While I tried to eat some of the food, my companion had completely lost his appetite. And we left early. They tried to charge us 90 cents for tap water which my friend protested against. However, there was no empathy from the waitress at all. She did not even look at us. Let alone apologize. When we were leaving, there was another waiter jumping in and finally admitting that they got something mixed up. However, it does not make up for the verbal abuse (and the attempted food poisoning) that we had to go through. Needless to say, our evening was ruined. I am very disappointed and wonder why someone with so little empathy for their guests and such an ‘f *** off- attitude’ would want to run a restaurant. GooglePlace - December 2017
Max Stoiber en
Most authentic Pho in Vienna! According to my vietnamese companion this is the most authentic Pho she's ever had outside of Vietnam. (which says a lot given that we've eaten at tons of Pho restaurants) Highly highly recommended if you're looking for a true taste of Vietnam! GooglePlace - November 2017
Alessandra Sciurello en
One of my favourite places in Vienna! I went there at least once every week as long as I lived there. The food is delicious at every hour but it's slightly better in the evening. Big take away portion! I miss this place a lot and I am looking forward to go back! GooglePlace - October 2017
Gergo Fazekas en
The place is at my corner so I often visit it. Pho is not a complicated dish but here it is always fresh and tasty. Other meals are also fine. It was renovated in august 2017 and it looks good now. You can also sit outside. They deliver quite a lot so even if there are few people in the restaurant the kitchen runs on full speed, thus everything is fresh. GooglePlace - September 2017