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Laudongasse 36 Daungasse Wien 1080
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Sun 10:00 - 00:00
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zwischen scharf und schärfer gibt's einen unterschied- im más in allen nuancen auszuprobieren. opulent, würzig, feurig und immer frisch zubereitet. original mexikanisch, von den typischen tortillas in dutzenden variationen bis zu hot chiligerichten für die verschärfte gangart. außerdem für liebhaber kalifornischer küche: das feinste von der westküste. gerührt oder geschüttelt, tiefgeistig oder mit der leichtigkeit des seins. die más coctel bar ist so lang wie der abend. ob als warming-up vor dem dinner, initialzündung für ein tête a tête oder als chill out in der nacht. auf euer kommen freut sich das ¡más! team

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Brian Bales en
The food here is quite good. However, the service is a barely organized chaos. You're lucky if the appetizer comes out before the entrees, and they will forget your requests unless you remind them several times. If the restaurant is even half full them problems begin. GooglePlace - January 2018
Matt Pierson en
If this were a country that had other choices for Mexican food this would be a two star. However, given the dearth of other Mexican options I guess beggars can't be choosers. Staff was good (a welcome change for this town), ambiance was alright...food was bland and inauthentic. Had the steak burrito which tasted like someone boiled it. I know Austrians don't do big flavors, but that's why I went to a Mexican place. Portions are also lacking if you're accustomed to eating in Mexico or the U.S. South west. Given all that the real gut punch is that it's pretty damn pricey for what you get. Won't be back, can't recommend it. GooglePlace - January 2018
Laura Haugh-Torres en
Worst Mexican restaurant I have ever been to in my entire life!! They shouldn't even call themselves Mexican, such a disgrace. Ordered the beef nachos and they were disgusting. Also ordered a side of large guacamole with chips. Got charged separately for the TINY Side of guacamole ($4.5 euros) and chips! I couldn't even believe it was a "shareable" portion. No wifi and food just sucks. GooglePlace - December 2017
Leonard Tulipan en
Extremely underwhelming as of late. Looking at my google history, I've been here in January and March 2017. The new menu is extremely restricted. E.g. no fajitas anymore. Instead of the printed menu we knew we got copied sheets of paper. We suspect they didn't want to print new menus, so the only used the sheets of the old menu they are able to cook. So to take out some menu items they just copied some sheets, but not the whole old menu. We wanted to exchange some menu items, because gluten, but it wasn't possible. As our 3x enchiladas pollo arrived one was cold and the other two just lukewarm. That's why we suspect that everything is chilled and prepared so exchanges aren't possible. Cocktails are still great and the starters are good as well. After knowing this restaurant for 5+ year we'll not be coming back. GooglePlace - October 2017
Baby Fett en
Loved it. For €35 I got a Margarita, appetizer, main course, side, dessert, and a glorious hot chocolate. They even let me take the dessert and hot chocolate back to my hotel upstairs, just asking I return the dishes at some point. The food was great, every bite hit the spot, though it's more American/Mexican than traditional Mexican (obvious in the menu descriptions). The service was beyond amazing. The mango daiquiri is a delicious must have! I have since been back several times. Even after two months away, they remembered my order. The staff is always welcoming and friendly, the atmosphere lively and comfortable, and the food is always hits the spot. GooglePlace - May 2017