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Schwedenplatz 2 Wien 1010
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 14:30
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 02:00
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Motto Am Fluss – My Sunday haven
Motto Am Fluss – My Sunday haven Image by Gerald Reyes There is something about a restaurant and a cafe being on a boat that is so appealing. Personally, it’s the amazing food, drinks and service. Motto am fluss, ... continue Vienna Spotted by Locals · Blog
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Kate Rushton en
Beautiful views in this fancy restaurant. Luckily I was not paying. Tasty burger and fries with the right blend of salty and flavour. Great place for a business dinner with clients. GooglePlace - September 2017
Alf oli4 en
We enjoyed some good wines on the outside deck. The staff was courteous and friendly and assisted us in English. The views are awesome and I took a lot of grest photo's of the river, bridges and city during golden hour. A definate must for photography enthuisiasts! GooglePlace - September 2017
It was a really bad experience... the place is nice but the waiters are really rude! At the end, when I asked for the bill, the waiter told me than the service was not included and I have to pay more than I had... she asked me a tip. The manager was always with her phone, nobody couldn't talk to her. One piece of advice: avoid this place! GooglePlace - September 2017
Amy DuBoff en
Wish I'd listened to the other negative reviews... Overpriced and lacking quality. To start things off, there was no clear check-in desk, and we had to wander around until we stumbled upon the hostess. We were seated inside, which was fine, but it was right by the prep area and very noisy. These seats gave us a view of what was going on behind the line, which is when we saw one of the waitresses have a coughing fit into her hands and then proceed to handle food/plates without washing her hands. We both had the All Day Breakfast Sandwich, which was... way too big. A half sandwich for half the price would have been good, but it was too much food for breakfast and at 11.50 Euro was pricey. We wish we'd shared, but our server gave is no warning about the portion. He was also nowhere to be found when we wanted to get the check, and when we finally flagged down another waiter after waiting for at least 10 minutes after finishing our meal, we were told we had to wait for our guy. All in all, not a good experience and cannot recommend. GooglePlace - August 2017
Abdullah Al-Awadhi en
I had reservation for dinner at the restaurant section. I came early so i figured i will have a couple of drinks above at the cafe section based on the recommendation of the restaurant manager. The cafe staff were extremely rude and clearly showed bias to certain customers, there were empty tables that we were not allowed to sit even though their reservations were 1 to 2 hours later and was told to sit inside on the long table alone with my wife and toddler. My wife thought it was an unacceptable behaviour and we left. The cafe manager passed by us while we were leaving with a blank stare. Now the complete opposite happened at the restaurant. The manager was extremely kind and in agreement with the mistreatment in the cafe. He offered us drinks on the house and the staff were extremely well behaved and kind to my daughter. The food was good and i highly recommended the tuna sashimi for starters. GooglePlace - June 2017