Nostos Restaurant / Vienna

8100 Boone Blvd Vienna 22182
Opening Hours
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:30 - 14:30
Sat 17:00 - 22:30
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Tips from the Net @ Nostos Restaurant
Good food good service and the price is in the right point for a place like it GooglePlace - September 2017
Anzalla Weiss en
The food at this Restaurant is amazing! Also, the people who greeted us, were very nice. However, a person shouldn't normally wait 30 minutes for the check, after finishing food at a restaurant. Our waitress sucked, she was very cold and didn't talk at all. Heck, I had a better conversation, with the guy who was taking our plates, and he barely spoke english. After finishing dessert, the waitress basically pretended that we didn't exist. The only way, I got my check, was by asking the guy who was collecting everyones finished dishes. I never give 1 star reviews, but the waitress was horrible. Please Nostos, if your reading this, hire better waiters/waitresses, cause the one that was serving us, was really bad. The only way I would ever come back to this place, is if that waitress learns how to do her job correctly or somebody else, who's more competent, serves us. GooglePlace - August 2017
Jaimie Mulligan en
Delicious food with a real authentic taste. Beautiful decor. Be wary of the small plates/portion sizes and order accordingly GooglePlace - August 2017
Raju Jbs en
This is my first time here and loved everything about this place. Service is excellent. Food is great. Especially the chicken entree is delicious. GooglePlace - August 2017
Scarlett PrernaJolie en
Nostos is hands-down my absolute favourite restaurant, the world over. I've been frequenting it for years, and never once been disappointed in any way; not once in over a hundred plus visits. The ambience is the absolute perfection of nostalgia; lovely, even serene. The cuisine is sublime, even divine ... and most definitely the kind that satisfies your soul. The wine selection is delightful and the perfect finishing touch to every morsel. Having a hyper sensitive tummy and constitution (several digestive issues, dietary restrictions and allergies) never once has my tummy acted up after dining here. It's the one and only place that receives my complete seal of approval; I would completely 1000% vouch for it. These are a set of truly lovely people, that keep this establishing operating smoothly; working so diligently to created an oasis of impeccable service, deeply-imbued with the warmth and soul of true hospitality and graciousness. You're really well taken care of here. I can absolutely see how it has quickly risen to become, and has maintained being, one of the best restaurants in the area. Every detail and aspect has been thought of and paid attention to, with precision. Even down to the art of lighting a space, to create a certain nostalgic serenity about it. Nostos has always been a delightful and fulfilling experience, and continues to be so. This culinary sanctuary is the very substance excellence is made of, and continues to draw me back, in how it has consistently managed to maintain an ambience of pure, high-vibration energy. Honestly, I feel at peace and completely myself within, whenever I happen to be here. So would I recommend it? Yes, absolutely!!! GooglePlace - May 2017