Rollercoaster Restaurant / Wien

Riesenradplatz 6/1 Wien 1020
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 22:00

Das ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Vienna ist ein familienfreundliches Achterbahnrestaurant. Das bedeutet, dass frisch gekochte Speisen und Getränke über Tablets bestellt werden und über ein Schienensystem und Loopings direkt zum Gast sausen. Die Besonderheit in Wien ist, dass erstmals Roboter die Versandvorrichtungen, begleitet von faszinierenden Lightshows, versenden. Zwischenzeitlich gibt es kurzweilige Roboter-Tanzeinlagen und Multimedia-Shows. Ein Restaurantbesuch der keinen Platz für Langeweile lässt: „it´s FOOD - it´s FAST - it´s FUN!!“ - das ist hier Programm. Das dürft ihr nicht verpassen. Am Besten gleich online reservieren:

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Raphael Schumach en
Nice idea, terrible realization. The food is mediocre at best and way overpriced, drinks are 4€ for 300ml. The ambience is nice, though I wouldn't eat here again. GooglePlace - August 2017
Henrietta Heintze en
your food actually is served on a rollercoaster which is super cool and is kind of the point of it, so you dont really expect the food to be that good. the food was edible however the....cocktails....hun. I'm from Australia so I dont really have high standards for these things, but I would rather let a kangroo piss in my cup, leave it sitting in the outback for a week, while letting dingo drool in it, then drink that rather than those cocktails. GooglePlace - July 2017
Jordan Schotz en
I was very disappointed in this place. The concept is interesting but it is quite expensive and the ordering system is unnecessarily complicated. They have you order separate for each person by touching the tablet to your place marker but the food does not stop where you are.. it instead zooms past and SLAMS into the metal barrier past the table. I thought our drinks would smash into a million pieces.. my dad tried to stop his food before zooming by but it was going by so fast is spilled over his hand. I was with 3 other people and they were all finished eating before my food even arrived. Apparently mine was stuck up in the tracks and he he to push it down with a big stick.. I had noodles and they were hard.. not al dente.. more like they were sitting out in the fridge and then reheated.. then apparently it was someone's birthday so they played this birthday song which was SUPER loud, weird, and lasted like 5 or 6 minutes so you couldn't talk and you had to wait for it to be over.. the people I was with did like their food, but we defiantly paid for it and it was just not overall worth it.. I would not recommend it.. GooglePlace - July 2017
Lisa Ramm de
Lustiges Erlebnis, das Essen ist jedoch recht teuer und die Portionen sind relativ klein. Trotzdem lohnt sich der Besuch auf jeden Fall😊 Foursquare - June 2017
Mick van Jaarsvelt en
Amazing experience! The ordering system works very well and having the dishes slide onto your table is just great. The food is alright, not very class. Also leaving an ID card for every tablet is a pain when with a large group. GooglePlace - May 2017