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Freyung 1 Wien 1010
+43 1 205353
Opening Hours
Sun 09:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 00:00

Unser selbst gerösteter Kaffee, unsere einzigartigen Drinks, die feine Auswahl an offenen und Bouteillen Weinen sowie unser saisonales Angebot an frischen nationalen und internationalen Speisen machen das STADTCAFE zum perfekten Platz, um den Tag zu beginnen, zu genießen oder ausklingen zu lassen.

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Stadtcafe Vienna – Freyung people watching
Stadtcafe Vienna – Freyung people watching Image by Christopher Taylor Of all the places that I visit, this one is the closest to the epicenter of tourism in the 1st district. The Stadtcafe is located at Freying 1, smack i ... continue Vienna Spotted by Locals · Blog
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Stephen Mceleavey en
Soup n strudel Foursquare - December 2017
Nigel Holt en
Good spot, nice cocktails, nice staff. Cosy. GooglePlace - November 2017
Tibor M. Kovacs en
Situated on a small square not far from the heart of Vienna. Nice large terrace with heating even in cold weather. Typical Viennese cafe. Nice view to the square. GooglePlace - October 2017
Margie Esteban-Gonzalez en
Where do I start? Let me start with a warning: If you ever have the misfortune of stumbling into this place because you are hungry and in the general area of Stephen's Cathedral, DON'T. For starters, the first person I had contact with was one of those servers who like to look down their nose at the customers, and who also told me no breakfast was available anymore, when it was not true. When I returned from having first visited the ladies' room, I looked at the menu and saw that, at that point, breakfast still had 5 minutes to go. When I showed it to her, she couldn't deny it and had to grudginly agree. Since my questions about breakfast items were not really answered, I just asked for a ham and cheese omelette made with two eggs, instead of the three they usually use. When I found out it didn't come with anything, I asked for toast. I then asked for American coffee, when she told me they had it. What came was an omelette that had been overcooked and took up almost the whole plate. When I acted surprised and questioned whether it was two eggs, she just flippantly said "Sorry, the kitchen did it wrong." No offer to make it right or anything. The toast, which was supposed to be white, came wheat, and nothing on it and nothing to put on it. So, I asked for butter. I asked for a second cup of coffee, pretty much expecting to pay for it since it doesn't seem free re-fills are in vogue in Europe. As far as the omelette, I was only able to eat like 1/6 of it, that being the only area that contained any ham or any cheese. Then came the kicker. I got charged over 20 euros!! One saving grace in this whole fiasco had been a young man who, at the time, I thought was maybe a bus boy, but later believed that he was like co-server, who was very pleasant. So, upset as I was about EVERYTHING, I still handed to him $2. Once I got out of there, I discovered the following: They charged me for Espresso Dopio (instead of an "Americano") at 4.40 euros each, for a total of 8.80 euros for 2 cups of coffee!! They charged me for the toast, which I expected, but then they charged me the same price for the butter (1.60 euros)!! To add insult to injury, they had already added a tip without any warning!! So, if you are into bad treatment, bad service, bad food, and dishonest billing, this may be your place. I doub it is for most. GooglePlace - October 2017
Paige Wendland en
I'm sure if you eat a burger or something the food may be decent. However, I ate the scrambled eggs with avocado and proceeded to get horrible food poisoning. If I wasn't sure where I got it from, I wouldn't say anything. I do in this case because it's the only proper cooked meal I had that day as I was traveling. Needless to say, I had an awful train ride home. Would not personally recommend, but that could have just been a one time incident. GooglePlace - September 2017